Sports Media Packages

Preserve Lasting Memories

Our packages help preserve lasting memories in a variety of format to fit your needs!

Highschool basketball team
Kids putting hands together for pre game meting basketball

Packages Offered

  • Sports Photography (Action Photography)
  • Team Portraits & Headshots
  • Multi-camera Game Filming & Live Streaming

Popular Packages:

A popular package to choose for leagues is:

  • Full coverage of finals/championship games and full coverage
  • Full Coverage for one game for each team in the league

This is a great option for leagues because it brings such great value to every person who signs up! Everyone knows they will have at least one game with professional pictures and video!

Family members, friends, and fans can view the game online LIVE with great engaging video!

For competitive teams, it can also be a great tool for coaches to review game footage and work on new strategies or refine skills.

But, everyone has an iPhone now with a camera.

Why is this needed?

iPhones, cell phones, and consumer cameras are so great to create memories! But where consumer grade electronics fall short is creating intimate memories. Our professionals use industry standard equipment to capture intimate footage and pictures. Best of all, spectators get to enjoy watching the game instead of worrying about photographing it!

How much better would the video be if you could see the concentration on the batter’s face before hitting a ball.

Or get a picture just as the winning score is captured?