Employee Training Modules

Employee Training Modules

Training Your Staff

Videos are the best way to train your staff. Be it new team members on boarding, retraining, or changing company policies, video will ensure engagement and clear consistent communication.

on Boarding

New Hires!

I worked for years in a small business, where I would often train new team members.

But I always felt like I was cheating new hires of the best training they could receive!

In a busy food service environment I had to juggle ensuring the day’s operations continued and customers remained satisfied while still training a new hire from the ground up.

Not only that but another trainer might have to pick up another day without knowing what’s already been covered.

This Changes That

Benefits of Using Videos To Train

  • 35% of All U.S. Adults use YouTube Videos To Learn 1Pew Research
  • Everyone training receives consistent instruction & information
  • Instilling company branding, culture, service values, and ethics
  • Always available for future reference
  • Engagement and retention of content is higher than company handbooks
  • Allows managers to focus on restaurant or office operations
  • Ensures information isn’t forgotten by company trainers
  • New hires are ready to begin contributing on Day 1!
  • Remote training during COVID-19

Types of Training Videos

Administrative Housekeeping

Go over important expectations. Give them important information regarding: company culture, time off, sick days, pay schedule, professional conduct, appropriate uniforms, and more!

Company Tour

Aquatint new hires with your location and where everything is! Introduce them to the various positions and how the team dynamics all work together! This helps to resolve new job jitters and lets them focus on learning their new position!

Virtual Shadow

Train your new hires in their position! Go over important information like labor law provisions, food safety, examples and walk through’s of daily duties and everything they need to know about their new position to succeed!

New Policies

Every workplace has something that will change over time. Rather than hoping important information gets passed down the grapevine, distribute new standards or policies via via training! Veteran employees can benefit just as much, be it important updates about technology, customer service or any other faucet, video will make sure all information is distributed to all staff members accurately.