About me

I first found a passion for visually capturing moments in time in high-school. With my dad’s purchase of a Nikon DSLR I fell in love with capturing as much as I could for my personal enjoyment. My church had a calling for their video ministry a few years later where I was introduced to the world of professional video production. It was here that I really grew my passion and understanding for what I wanted to do with it.

I learned skills directly in the field with mentors that were incredibly talented skipping the traditional education in a classroom. I learned of story-telling, quality, management, camera operation, teamwork, communication, and many other important lessons in this field.

All of this brings me to YOU! I hope we can work together soon, so I can craft a beautiful video for your wedding, product, event, or business.

If you’re a business I hope to partner with you to build value in your products, services and brand.

If you’re having an event soon, I relish the opportunity to capture the day and all the memories, creating a collage of the event that tells the story with vigor.

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