Hello! Magical Multimedia recognizes the impact of COVID-19 and is working diligently following local and national guidelines and regulations to ensure prevention and containment. We also recognize the burden this has had on the community and we are implementing new services to help you through the pandemic.

  • Streaming Services

Streaming Services are now becoming a even more essential tool for large gatherings. As more people are restricted from going out, or large gatherings are ill-advised, live streaming can ensure each member can still experience the day. This is vital for weddings, announcements, and special functions where it is important every invitee is able to view the event without fear of exposure to pathogens. We will strive to be available as much as possible to ensure we are able to assist with this.

  • COVID-19 Business Video Announcements

It’s no secret that the viral outbreak is impacting business hard and will likely continue for at least the next month. It is important for consumers to be reassured of your company’s steps to create a safe environment. This can be a new policy announcement, demonstration of cleaning duties, new store hours or just a address directly to your community. Video provides a more intimate and personable experience that builds consumer confidence.

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